Telling the difference between IAP subscriptions

I want to allow users to subscribe to my app and offer them different features.

How do I tell the difference between subscriptions in thunkable? I cannot find the document that tells you what information you get from the “product” in thunkable.

Can you say more about what you’re trying to do?

And what do you mean by the “product”?

Do you mean this chart?

That refers to you as a developer but not to your app’s users.

I mean the subscriptions for Google and iOS inside my app.
And sorry, I meant “Purchase” under In-App-Purchase, Most recent purchase.

Oh, okay, I don’t know anything about IAP but I’ll adjust the topic title so you may get more responses.

Do you need to keep track of that information yourself and should either build it into your App logic or use cloud logic to handle any kind of gating within your app

Is there any examples of what last purchase does on thunkable? I am using subscriptions and tracking in the cloud wouldnt work if they automatically renew.

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