Android IAP not working with Android 12 target option

Have there been any changes to IAP in Android? I had to push an update because some formatting issues caused my buttons to be hidden. In TestFlight for iOS, when I tap the button to purchase a subscription, it still works. The box pops up to subscribe. On Android, it just sits here and stares at me and nothing happens. I noticed this on the IAP block for my button:

Do I need to put something in the is it consumable? portion to get it to work?

Here’s my Android section of the blocks:

I don’t know why it’s not responding. I have tried it on an emulator and live on a tablet. Anyone else having issues with Google Play purchases? I am an internal tester, so it should, at the very least, let me make a test purchase. Even that’s not working.

I have checked my server and I am not getting any error messages but I cannot tell if there’s even a call going out to my server when the button is pushed. It’s as if absolutely nothing happens.

This was my first publish using the Android 12 option. I am waiting for a build to complete without that option ticked to see what happens. I have weird stuff going on with Android in my app. Now all of my push notification user IDs are being updated to reflect [object Object] and killing my app. I don’t know what’s going on and it’s very, very frustrating. I should have just left it alone, but my subscribe button got chopped off and I had to fix it.

Ok. I can affirmatively report that ticking the Android 12 option when I published to Android killed my IAP on Android and a slew of other problems…

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You should have true or false in the consumable spot for android purchases. It’s a newer feature but there since March/April I believe.

If you can document the issues at all for the team, it’ll help them address the individual issues for everyone! @ronnie


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