Problem with IOS (Apple) IAP (In App Purchasse)

My post is related to IAP on iOA

I have read through the available IAP documents and am struggling to understand or use the content on the following page to help me with my issue.

What I am trying to do is:
I want to add a subscription purchase into my app.

What I have tried so far is:
My iOS app return me the error “Must query item from store before purchase” and when I get the product info list, it’s null. My subscription and another purchase to try are alow by Apple in Apple Store Connect.
But for Google all it’s okay

Can you help me please

Are you using google cloud function to process this on iOS?

No. I need? How to make?
I juste use the In App Purchase Component in Thunkable

You don’t need it, but make sure you are able to VERIFY and ACKNOWLEDGE a purchase in android. That is two different processes. From my understanding if you don’t acknowledge the purchase then the funds will revert in 3 days and your user will lose access.

I followed this Tutorial

You don’t need to do this in iOS. Can you share a picture of your blocks for the iOS purchase functions?

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I just use the bloc purchase subscription from IAP block of Thunkable, I can’t screen because I have added something to try.
But my subscription run in Android, not in Apple, it return totally a None list

Make sure you read how to process a payment according to Google Play. Like I mentioned it will refund the users subscription and and you won’t get paid if you don’t acknowledge within three days.

The purchase subscription block only starts the process.

Google play payment processsing

When you can send a screen shot of your blocks that is how we can start helping you with your iOS problem.

How I can try to buy something from my app to Google Play to see how to accept purchase?

I join at the other message my blocks for iOS and a screen for Apple Connect

Make sure in the In App Purchase block in the settings that you have your ProcductID: “account_prof_10” entered in in the iOS section.

Also, make sure you publish your app to iOS and test it through Test Flight.

You should really follow this tutorial.
If I’m not mistaken Google Play wants the purchase verified and acknowledged and iOS wants the purchase verified.

@jared or @muneer may be able to confirm or correct me on this.

Yes, I have enter mi product id, Google and Apple have verified my product.
This is normal that “get product info”return none list? (For Apple)

Hello Tom,
The issue is that you can’t get the “List of Item info”?
Are you able to get the “List of Subscription Info”?

Also, did you test your app through TestFlight?

Hi, no, I can’t get List of Item info and List of Subscription Info

Yes, I try the app through TestFlight, but the problem is same when I download from Apple Store

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Could you please present the “error” message of “Get Product Info” block on a label, to see if there is any?

there isn’t an error, there is nothing, just []

And when I try to purchase, there is the “Must Query Item From Store Before Purchase” error

There is another error : “ must wait promise before calling purchase function”
But now there is the product info list

Oh no! The product list doesn’t work now
I don’t know why

Hello @tom.garnier ,
Did you make any changes to the block you used to get the product info?
How it worked and now it doesn’t?

It worked because I have added some information of billing in Apple Connect, my Credit Card information, but it worked only 5 minutes, not it doesn’t work. And purchase never worked

This is now the error that I have : “ Must wait for promise to resolve before recalling function.”