I want users making earning apps banned

Is it so difficult to make something else then an earning app? Earning apps are giving builders like Thunkable a bad name and could make it so that in the future Google will ban them all together. Google is also not allowing earning apps in Google Play and will you get your developer account suspended.


A lot of time i wish all builders would not add so many monetization options. We would have a lot of different users if that was the case. Users who come here to learn and make great apps. Not users who only come here because Thunkable is an easy way to make some money.

I will not help anyone making an earning app. I for one would like to be able to ban all users who make earning apps with this great product.

Users who make earning apps don’t care about the future of a builder. When a builder gets blocked by Google because so many earning apps are made with it, they will go to find another way and will never look back.


I can’t say I agree totally but I can’t also disagree to this statement.
Excessive ads may be annoying and lead to all issues you mention, on the other hand to place ads on a long working project which is given for free is not irrational.

I would really love to share your vote and thoughts here…

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