How to earn from this new version

At first, as i am a beginner i know i need more time to know the whole thing that is available in thunkable but i just want to know the platform of how i will be able to earn money.

Hi there.

We have one monetisation component so far – Payment by Stripe. We are looking into other options – are there other options that you would like to see?


I assume hes trying to say he wants the ability to add ads

We are starting work on adding the ability to monetize your app with ads.

To prevent abuse, we are planning a separate program where users who meet certain requirements will be able to apply for adding ads to their apps.

We will not support apps that are strictly for earning revenue by clicking on ads e.g. earnings apps, auto-impression apps etc. These apps are in violation of our ad provider’s terms of service and violating those terms threatens our ability to provide ads for the rest of our developer community.



Cool , yeah i totally agree with you on that.

As with Admob (which can be disabled via apps such as LuckyPatcher) how about supporting different ad networks?