How can we earn through thunkable app

Hello thunkable community,
I am currently working on my school project app,
We have to make an app using any platform or by coding, so i choose thunkable, because it’s the best and easiest to use.
But there is one more demand for our project: we have to make an app from which we can earn money, either by ads, affiliate marketing, or any other things like these.
One more condition: We does not have to go premium or pay some money for placing ads.
We can easily place ads or these things to our normal apps, that we make through programming languages like Java or kotlin
But how can we do this in thunkable, i have seen a thunkable block of Admob, from where, we can place ads.
So, Admob will not work for my project, as its a premium feature.
I am a blogger and i earn through Adsense and affiliate marketing, in free.
But how can we earn through thunkable app in free.
Can anyone please tell

And yes, i thought to place ads in my app, using any API, I mean place ads by using the API key from any website, but i can’t get any website like these.

Please tell the solution for this problem

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