Successfully thunked! COVID19 GLOBAL

Comparative Study will help nations of the World flatten the curve. See Countries that have flatten the curve, find out what they are doing different, do the same to get same result. It’s here:
You won’t find it in any Apps Store: Google frustrated me. “Ads limited to your account for no reason” What to do to fix? Google says do nothing. Of cause I did not violate any policy. It’s over 8 Months now. Apple Store will always find one reason or the other to reject. Thanks to Thunkable Mobile Web App.
Try it.

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Thank you for sharing your app with us @Patrick_Elisha, however…

Google do not restrict ads for “no reason”. In light of the current pandemic both Apple and Google have decided to accepts apps only from recognised entities if they pertain to Covid-19

You can read more about this in the Google Developers Blog and in the Apple Developers Blog

Additionally, I took a quick look at your AdMob account and as you can see, ads are temporarily restricted while your traffic quality is being assessed:

If you have any more questions related to ad serving in your app, please reach out to our AdMob support team directly via email


That’s what I’m saying. Ads temporarily restricted while ads quality is being accessed. For how long? It’s over eight months. Total earning(All time) in account is less than $4 In what you can do, they say continue to develop while we access your traffic. Monthly review has brought same report. This is frustrating enough. I don’t use admob again. Just developing for fun. No money. I have written admob support severally but no response other than same report every Month. It’s a new account created for Thunkable Apps. No earnings yet, no established invalid clicks. I don’t know what to do other than to just forget admob.
Thanks for your advice.

Looks like it’s coming up on three months, rather than eight, @Patrick_Elisha?

If they’re sending your monthly reports then I’m guessing this is Google AdMob that you’re referring to?

As a valued Thunkable PRO user we have a dedicated email for AbMob queries. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions in relation to monetising your Thunkable Projects.


Yes. It’s Google admob. Date issued as Feb 11, 2020 is not true. See the attached mail dating back to October last year. I remember contacting Thunkable support last year if you could do anything about it and was told it’s the responsibility of Google Admob. I have since given up.

I have even started removing ads from my published apps.

Apps that contain covid-19 information cannot contain ads, so your app won’t be approved by Google AdMob.


If you read my original post, you’ll see that i have no intention of publishing to any store. We were just talking about the frustrations i’ve gone through earlier which is the reason I will stick to Mobile Web App. COVID-19 is not the issue.
Thank you.

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I just checked my admob account today and found that the limitation placed by Google has been removed. Thank you.


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That’s great news - congrats @Patrick_Elisha.

Best of luck with your future projects and feel free to share in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd if you want to promote your work.

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