How Much Does it Cost to Build a Video Streaming Website Like Youtube?



I have an idea for creating a video streaming website like youtube. And I was wondering if you guys have any idea roughly how much money will it take to create a website?


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the founder of youtube sold youtube bc their have no money bc the server runs out of memory. They sold youtube for 1.4 billion dollar, Look you pay for 10gb data transerfere on a server 30 dollar a month youtube transferes tousend of terrabyte no make math.


It will be expensive. The servers by themself are not expensive, but if you need someone to build the website, then it gets expensive. It all really depends on how much you want the streaming website to do and what you want it to can.
Let’s say that it takes about 1 month to build. the developer works 2 hours per day.

20$ 2=40$ (I use 20$ which is the minimum hourly wage in Denmark)
30 refers to the days in a month.
As you see, it’s quite expensive if you pay a professional developer. However, you could find a template others made, but that won’t be free either.
When it comes to servers, i’ll refer to what @KryptoPhil said.

I’m sure you could do it cheaper, but i just made assumptions based on my own knowledge :slight_smile:


server costs for data transfer will kill you, 10 GB in a month for 10 dollar is cheap. youtube transferes tousend of tousend of terrabyte each month, how do you want to pay that. you neeed your own server farm with your own direkt internet connectioin without a provider. your intermet is not full internet you have only a access to the netzwork.


But this is not Youtube. If you start a video streaming service, there will only be about 100 or 200 videos at first. Remember that Youtube also startet small :slight_smile:
Servers will still be kind of expensive though.



thats right but you want users or. Let us make math. You have at start after a month 1000 user. Each user looks 4 videos on your app/plattform.
=4000 Video streams
People want HD on their phones. So lets say 720p streaming.
One stream let us say 4 min. makes 16 000 min of streaming material in 720P
=266 hours of Streaming let us say one hour one gb and this is less.
266GB of data transfer for the user only, you have to upload your files to and so on. so let us say you need 500 gb of file transfer and only for 1000 user if you have a good plattform like youtube you will get much more users. a few terrabyte in a month is normal if you have a streaming app like youtube or stremango. this will cost a lot of money and people wont not pay anything and they will not pay your app bcv all other apps are for why should anyone pay in your app. Maybe you can a bit money with ads,


Consider the developer cost, UI / UX design cost and hosting charges. These are the key cost determining factors. Based on the features and integrations needed. The hours of development will prolong.

To know the development cost this is the math. I guess the following blog would help. Check it out: