I need a good writer! $$ I will pay for it $$

Good day!

I am going to develop an app for the you tube channel named " The King of Random" sciences education channel. In my app I need to regularly write some articles for topics such as " Black Holes", “Atoms”, “Virtual Matter”. If you want to be a writer in this business, you need to study about science. However, you can use “Wikipedia” or such a site for study. What you need to do is study the given topics, read the and collect content, arrange them create a summary up to 100 - 1000 words.

How does it work. You have to write content for topics, there are 4 topics for a month and there are one update for a month. Content you write must not contain any mistakes. Topics that got mistakes will be destroyed so you need to rewrite it again.

How you will get paid. You will earn up to $10 - $15 per month. If you have a very good writing skill, you will earn $20. You will get your money after a one update. One update must contain 4 topic. 1 update for one month.

These are the codifications you need :

  • Good in english
  • Know basics of science

I can’t swear that I can pay you. Because I need to ask from the owner of the channel, after he agreed I can select you.

If you wan’t to participate, please send me a private message

By @Blue-Bird
Happy Thunking!

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No problem that if you don’t have much knowledge about science, you can read and learn content and then you can write an article!

It just that writing 4 long, very-well made articles for only 20$ a month isn’t worth it a deal. I am not a writer myself and I will never be.

if you will pay well then count me in.

Send me a private message and contact with me