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I love science!.. because of that I create this (off topic) topic to find useful contents, lessons, links, eBooks, information, maths, equations, quantum physics, physics and lot’s of stuff. All you need is, ask any question from me, I will answer you. This topic is only for science. And here are the things you can do with this forum

You can also share your science knowledge with other by using this platform

You can ask any question from me

You can share useful websites and links

  • Please only post content about science in this topic
  • Keep content clear and neat by using headings, bold letters and lot’s of stuff
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Can’t anyone post anything ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :tired_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello @Blue-Bird

This community is solely related to Android & iOS apps and their development. Here the users are more interested in asking and discussing the problem that they encounter during app development of the said platforms.

No doubt, your intention is good. But I think you should find any other good community which is dedicated to science and its related fields, where you can do both (gain and spread knowledge related to science).

All in all I appreciate your topic but even this can’t be considered as Off Topic because its not related to apps and their development.

Hope you understand :slight_smile: :+1:


No, it can. #off-topic is for not Thunkable - related things, so I think this post totally fits the category.



Yep, I totally agree to this :point_down:

But what I think is, even if any topic is posted in #off-topic category, then it should be connected to apps by one other way as it is posted in this community.

If we go as per your reply, then it will be like more of a social media platform where everyone can share their feelings, their views, etc :smile: under the #off-topic category which are not connected to Thunkable.

So, what I think is, let the topics under #off-topic be for not Thunkable related things, but like as I said earlier they should be in accordance with apps and other things related to them.

But it is totally my way of thinking (#off-topic :laughing::laughing:)


So does it mean that I need to delete this topic ? Oh no!.. :cry: :cry: But there are still more topics that will never connect with apps on #off-topic category.

Fine! I will delete it on tommorow but read the following block

Before deleting the topic I like to introduce this website you can learn science : https://brilliant.org/


No need to delete this topic!

You know who is the king of the #off-topic posts? Yup, that’s right - it’s me. If you ever see my post 1 second and then gone another, just know, it was too much off-topic… Personally, I had an idea, to make a freely open to everyone forum platform for posting anything they want - for example regarding their hobbies. But, it really depends whether anyone else would like me to create one and it also depends whether I get support on this idea :smiley:

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Really! Ok! Yes! :grinning: :grinning:

But I will delete this topic and I will create another same one becuase there are too much unwanted stuff

Is it Ok

I wouldn’t do that, people won’t really care about the content already here. Just quote your first post instead here.

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Please continue the discuss below

what do you think about astronomy?



The astronomy is basically works with “Classical Mechanic” that we called the “Physics”. But When we observe the theory of relativity, every thing in was working with main “Physics” but that’s not true! If we take a look at the 100% vacuum space with quantum mechanical way, you can observe “Virtual Matters” Which are the only thing that we think it works speeder than “C” that means light speed.

Note : If something go much speeder than “C” it will not go, it will go backward from time

For more info, take a look at this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5rAGfjPSWE

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Nothing is faster than C. If it has mass, it will never travel at the speed of light and if it doesn’t have any mass, it speed is C, without acceleration or any inbetween.


Yes, you are correct!

But “virtual matter” is not a matter. It has no mass. To understand this take a look at “Quantum Harmonic Oscillator” (QHO)
This graph show’s how energy work on quantum level. Energy that has a higher position than “N = 0” is the real one and we can say that it can exist. But when energy position lower than “N = 0” can be not real and they can be not existed. “Virtual Matter” is in the energy level “N = 0” and lower so these type of things does not work with normal physics and quantum physics. They are unknown. So we can think that “Virtual matter” is beyond the reality so it can travel much speeder than C. So virtual matter will not create because it is working much speeder than C so if something works with much speeder than light it will happen at the past and it will never show at present and at the future. This is a mathematical proof. There is another problem in your post, I will show you it in my next post.

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Well… where is the proof then?

@Blue-Bird what i said is basic physics…

Also, If something is faster than light, it can only observe the past, not be in it.

In my opinoin, Virtual matter is just a theory, and should be taken with a grain of salt.



Never mind!.. But if I ask what is a “wormhole”? because I don’t know much about “wormholes” :thinking: