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Hey @Nice_kode4
This is the place you got wrong

But in quantum physics, it is based on atom state. So every salt grain is worth as a diamond in the path of creating the “theory of everything”

(QFT) quantum field theory, they are talking about the vacuum energy state. The much energy of vibration it has, it will create a particular, the lowest mass and highest energy has the particulars that has been created by the smallest vibration. This is the equation that shows “Virtual Matters” are created in vacuum of nothing.

The zero-point energy theory :

Theory that shows how “Virtual Matter” work :


Space wormholes

In the other posts let’s talk about “Wormholes”


Try this website : https://brilliant.org/ There are lots of questions and lots of stuff to learn about science and maths.


Can anyone tell me any thing about


Try https://brilliant.org/ :wink: we could teach you stuff, but brilliant would explain it better :wink:


Maybe wormholes are portals to travel through time and space ??


“Time Travelling” sounds always funny to me. Because if it would be possible to build a “time machine” in the future, this would have been already done in the future, right? So IMO it isn’t possible and would never be possible in the future. Simple logic for me.


yes @Django time travel by itself is funny, but time and space travel is more reasonable for me.


  1. we only understand changes in time by changes in space…
  2. time is the 5th dimension and in its full understanding time is infinite as it actually does not exist…
  3. from all the species on Earth only humans perceive time and as a result we have added one fear to our life that “we are running short of time” :cry:
  4. @Blue-Bird has insisted on members saying something about Wormholes so someone had to say something…:rofl:

As a result of no. 2 above I believe that neither the past nor the future exists.
The past is a manifestation of the energy (or the Force as Star Wars fans would like to say) that has already occurred and the future is non existing because from a quantum perspective there are infinite possible futures that may exist and we do not know what will happen until it happens…

perhaps in another quantum scenario play store would not require us to have at least 26 api level… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As Pythagoras said all is happening now in the Cosmos…


As of now, it’s only possible to observe the past and future, you just wont live long enough to tell anyone about it :sweat_smile:


The future is really not random, the world is just a chain reaction of chemistry. To know the future, you would have to know every person and every animal on earth, line like you know yourself😅 it’s a paradox really… you have free will, but the future is already set🤔


no I never said that it is random, but from all the possible scenarios the one that will materialize will depend on the choices of all beings in aggregate… and these choices are made based on free will…

I totally agree with

but who knows himself in full???

and to get back into the discussion about wormholes…

this also…


Come on @Django
We can time travel without the science- friction thing call “Time machine”. What you want to do is go much speeder than C (Light speed). There are few things go much speeder than C. Those items could be only a theory.

  • Universe expansion
  • Quantum entanglement
  • Virtual matters

If something happens much speeder than C, it could be not visible or it will happen before you do it. It’s past.


The universe is a “Time loop” time is not a single random arrow.
This is only a theory


Hey @Mr_Blackd & @Nice_kode4
Do you know about “Golden Ratio
This “Golden ratio” is created by (Quantum Gravity Research) team. They first observed a crystal. Every 3D crystal is a “Quasi Crystal” which means a certain object has 2 dimensions, for example the crystal’s shadow shows a 2D image. A higher dimensional object also does same, it also creates lower dimensional object. In this way they create a 8 dimensional object which creates 4D object and that object creates a 3D object. In this way they transform the 8D crystal to 4D, it turned into the golden ratio. The thing is, this “golden ratio” is combined with black holes, white hole, quantum field, quantum entanglement, quantum vacuum and lot’s of things. If we can understand this thing correctly, the theory of everything could be that or the reality could be that.


I Hope not, as this would rip apart everything😅


Yes, it’s somewhat hard to imagine but they found that universe is much red colored than we see. Because of two things scientist say the universe expansion is faster than C.

  • The universe is red color
  • There’s a black hole in the center our milky way

This is the most uncommon theory, I don’t trust this but I just need to say this is a theory. Other thing I told, can have 50% - 75% chance to be speeder than light.


Hey @Mr_Blackd !
I found a video to understand the worm - holes. Take a look at this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P6rdqiybaw

Note : Going faster than light make’s time goes backwards.


What do you mean by that?


The universe is much red color than we see. Albert Instine told if some thing got to much red color entirely it can be speeder than light. For example take a look at event horizon, you can see every thing red color near the event horizon because it’s faster than C.

This is only a theory


You couldn’t be more wrong. The light there hits the atmosphere when the horizon is red, doesn’t move faster than light? Does it?
It all comes down to wave lengths. When something is red to us in the universe, it’s usually because it’s very far away or is a red giant.