A website for your app at very little cost

So you’ve got your app up and running and the downloads are coming in, but you need some sort of website for your users to get more information on, maybe your privacy policy, or contact links?

I have come across a great solution for this.

GitHub Pages allows you to host your own website as such, as a sub-domain or custom domain, like myapp.github.io or myapp.com all completely free of charge. You can then purchase a domain from somewhere like NameCheap for around €7 - €9 (per annum). GitHub then allows you to connect this domain for free, and they’ll even provide you with an SSL certificate too, all at no cost.

Of course you can’t run the next big Ebay or Amazon style website from here, but for people who want or need a website for their app, this is a fantastic low cost solution.

Note: You’ll need a bit of knowledge of Git and basic web development to efficiently push updates to your website. I recommend checking out EJ Media on YouTube. I’ve learned a lot from these tutorials and can now create basic websites (that look pretty good) for my future apps.


Great suggestion Eoin, thanks for sharing.

If you wanted to get the costs down at €0 you could even consider something like Freenom. They don’t have a great choice of TLDs, but if you’re just getting started and are on a very limited budget, then it’s there as an option too.


I would like to add to this, to everyone who has since viewed this post and to new viewers, that they can create a beautiful website using Mobirise with no code. It is an offline software that is completely free to use with no visual branding. It is a freemium service so you can purchase extensions like code editor or different themes. Mobirise lets you export the website files locally to a folder, which you can easily push to GitHub using a code editor like Atom. Hopefully some of you find this helpful :slight_smile:


Mobirise supports directly pushing to GitHub inside of the software :slight_smile: I have just realised.


This is like thunkable of websites, https://bubble.io , I’m thinking about using this to make a website to my app when I finished



As an example, I recently moved my site off of Squarespace and opted for a much simpler site hosted through github pages.

The site: http://amblemind.com/
The Github project: https://github.com/amblemind/amblemind.github.io
The coding framework: https://getbootstrap.com/


Also I would recommend to use Visual Studio Code :smile:


But, Visual Studio Code is a bit hard to see, Atom is simple, and clean.
I use it everyday, It’s pinned on my taskbar :smile:

Personal Recommendation, don’t take seriously :blush:

Thanks! :blush:


What means hard to see? The code? :thinking:


I prefer atom and I recommend it first as the customisation is fantastic. There are add-ons that allow you to edit the code in real-time with your friends, kind of like how Google Docs would look, but with code.


fantastic low-cost solution.
thank you very much for the information


You can also check out Stackbit and use a CMS like Netlify or Forestry. You’ll need a GitHub account for both to save the content, but that’s not diffucult. There is also an eCommerce template called Plantly, although I’ve noticed a major bug with it so it will probably not work for you currently. The rest of the website templates are modern, elegant and responsive. They allow you to post like a blog site. And the best part about using Netlify or Forestry, is you can do mydomain.com/admin to get a full admin sign in, just like any dynamic website.

To get started go to Stackbit and click get started. Happy website building :slight_smile:


All of the above is free :smiley:


Also, GoDaddy routinely has a $1 for one year .com domain sale!


That is very creative but you need to make it a bit understandable

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Very cool!

I have also been using flycricket.io for pretty much all of my website stuff. I use it so I have somewhere for my Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and a landing page with contact info as a Contact Website (Apple requires one). Also for a limited time it has a free screenshot creator, which is what I have been using.

PS. This Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions generator is very easy to use. I just copy that text into Flycricket.


And mayabe you can create it on brackets And host on DriveToWeb Or 000Webhost.com

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Dorik.io and launchaco are two of the easiest app landing page builders you’ll use!