Subscription Pricing

Hi Thunkable,

Yes I would be happy to pay for a subscription…but not $25 a month. How about $25 a year. And i am in!

Otherwise i suppose we just wait for the server not to be busy…

Seriously $25 a year…everyone will join. The number of users Vs subscription should point you in this direction anyway. No one needs another $25 subscription we are all trying to minimize these costs.

I just cant justify the cost.

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I Highly agree :money_mouth_face:

Thanks for the feedback @iainmorris111649l, we periodically review our pricing tiers and structures so I will make a note of this.

What are the PRO features that are most important to you right now? (i.e what is it that you want to pay for?)

What sort of apps are you building at the moment and where are you publishing them?


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Thanks for your interest,

I don’t need any pro features except access to reliable download. I teach classes across a few schools and have in excess of 100 students. I would hate to teach a class where the server was busy. AI2 has a similar problem but to a much lesser extent, and i feel comfortable that it is going to work in the next 5min.

I want all students to just know and use platforms like arduino IDE, Thunkable, AI2, TinkerCAD, makecode, scratch and Cospaces as if it was part of their primary school curriculum, ideally they should all pay as well. But a subscription is never going to work

I donate to Arduino IDE even though I don’t have too. I would just pledge $25 a year to Thunkable and others for the awesome platform you provide, but not ongoing.

I want to give you some money for what you provide, but not a subscription. A once only time price to gain access to the platform might be the answer.

It may actually increase revenue over a subscription based approach

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Paying 1/10th of the price as a one-off will increase revenue?

I hope you don’t teach your kids maths or business.