How do i make money with my app


I thunkers!
So i was woundering, if i was to place my app on play store, How do i make money when a user downloads?


Ads, self them features, or subscriptions.

Make sure it adds value and has a purpose before you start trying to make money.

Think of an idea, a market place, make the concept work, then figure out how to monetize it.


how can i make my app in such a way that i wont be able to share it? is it actually possible on android?


Thats how apps are made. Of course it is possible. Perhaps I dont understand the question


what i mean is, when you build an app surely its possible to share with others how can i make it such a way that if a person downloads it, it cant be shared.


or maybe after building, if i sent it to my phone i cant share it with others.


Setup Firebase, do a DeviceID or SerialID check, and if the ID does not match what is in firebase, it wont run.


Thanks, i’ll work on that.


Pls how do I go about doing an ID check or serial check? Please I will be very much greatfull if you could do a sample block description, thanks!