How do i make money with my app

I thunkers!
So i was woundering, if i was to place my app on play store, How do i make money when a user downloads?

Ads, self them features, or subscriptions.

Make sure it adds value and has a purpose before you start trying to make money.

Think of an idea, a market place, make the concept work, then figure out how to monetize it.

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how can i make my app in such a way that i wont be able to share it? is it actually possible on android?

Thats how apps are made. Of course it is possible. Perhaps I dont understand the question

what i mean is, when you build an app surely its possible to share with others how can i make it such a way that if a person downloads it, it cant be shared.

or maybe after building, if i sent it to my phone i cant share it with others.

Setup Firebase, do a DeviceID or SerialID check, and if the ID does not match what is in firebase, it wont run.

Thanks, i’ll work on that.

Pls how do I go about doing an ID check or serial check? Please I will be very much greatfull if you could do a sample block description, thanks!

the best way to make money , as for me, is to work properly

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Well, you have a few options. For starters, you could charge per download on the Play Store Developer ‘Pricing&Distribution’ page, not advisable unless you’ve got a nearly bulletproof app with almost 0 competitors, and then it is generally only a matter of time until someone builds a competing app that’s free.

Subscriptions to services work for that purpose as @Cian_O_Sullivan said , as well as purchases APIs for non App content (this is because many app stores don’t like 3rd party APIs for in app purchases). You can also follow Admob’s policies and put ads in your app (banners, rewarded ads, interstitial ads). I must caution you, too many ads will annoy your users, and you don’t want to do that. My app is a social commerce app my company is currently filing a patent for. We have no ads, instead we make money off of sales from other users our platform.

I’ve been developing apps since middle school (I’m in university now), and have known Thunkable since it was spun off from MIT App Inventor, and have been using that for almost a decade. If you have any questions, you can reach me directly.

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This is also true!