In-app billing for thunkable x

hi, is there any way to use in-app billing for thunkable x? so that the user can download and use some parts of the app and if he wants to use all parts, buying would be necessary?

Make one free app and one paying. Make the user let the free app for free and then tell him to buy the other one directly on the store.

PS : Use the “copy” option to copy the app :slight_smile:

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it’s a good way but the problem is that when sb download the app he can easily give it to the others and even sell it for his own favour. if there was some ways to lock some parts of the app during the designing process, so that when user pays for it the app will be active in his cellphone and in the meantime is not shareable for free, it would be great!

You can for example set a variable (I’m not sure so think about it) to 0 and when the user buys the app you set it to 1.

When the variable value = 0, you lock the features of the paid app, and when the variable value = 1, you unlock all the features.

Hope it helps

tnx for your answer i’ll check it.

What can i do for this? Is there any example project?

Everything is said above, i can’t find more to tell :confused:

What did you fail to understand ?