App Membership!

Hey Everyone!!
I want to incorporate membership into my app! So if someone pays for monthly membership they can see premium content!

Please Help!

x Me


As far as I know Thunkable X does not have In App Billing therefore you won’t be able to do this.

There may be a workaround if you are only creating an app for Android and uploading it to stores other than Google Play. In this instance you may be able to ask people to pay via Paypal etc but I foresee a lot of work.


i think you would just have to let people pay for the app no free version

Assuming the payment mode is not part of your app, you can actually use the “Firebase Authentication” feature to create a list of members and code in access restrictions to the app or part of it.

Firebase Authentication implementation in thunkable is pretty cool. Email verification, password changes, all can be done with a single thunkable block. Check it out.

Yeah, though if you want monthly billing you can redirect your user to Paypal, Google Pay, UPI, Phone Pe, etc. You might wanna create another bank account for your membership plans, just to be on the safe side. :innocent:

use apis
or u can use blockchain wallet(take some risk*)