How to Buy pro app version inside my free limited app?

Hi dudes! How can I put this thing (image example) inside my free app thunkable? By API?

Hi @jefmor welcome to the community.

Are either of these app (Free/PRO) published to a store already?


Hi @domhnallohanlon , thank you.
Not yet. I am thinking of publishing the PRO, paid first. And then the free with that tool to the PRO. But i dont know to do that tool…

Do you have your Apple Developer account set up and ready to go @jefmor?

i think @jefmor refers to In App Purchase.

And im waiting for it too.

I think there is only one option in Thunkable X using “Stiripe” without other webAPI block so far. (which will look different from the screenshot above)

I’m looking forward to see in App purchase and subscription in Thunkable too. I guess this is the major form of sell App right now. It allow people to try and decide to buy pro features.

@domhnallohanlon I am waiting for the Apple aprove may purchase… They are late…

@saramdl.gaunde021I don’t know work with stripe yet… there are examples not for gaming?