How can Thunkable be used to program free and premium content for purchase for the Apple Store?

Does Thunkable have an interface for SDKs (Software Development Kits)?

Does this require two separate files?
1 x preview, 1 x full version, which can only be downloaded after payment?
Can this be implemented in the App Store?
Who has experience with this?

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I’m not sure I understood your question but if you want to display contents in your app based on subscription or purchase then YES. This option is available

You can use the In-App Purchase component and display certain contents in your app based on the status of the user (free or paid)

Thanks for the hint. I found the following about it:

Is there a more detailed video guide with examples?
Is the lock symbol automatically generated for the button?

Or do you have to create a part of the pages (with a fee with a lock) and a part of the times (free of charge without a lock) yourself and create other page links for them?
Unfortunately, I can’t find anything on how this can be implemented with Thunkable.

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I think @jared made some tutorials but not sure.

Somehow I can’t get any further. Can’t find complete guides and examples for in-app purchases and thunkable.

Who can help me?

A video tutorial with step-by-step instructions –
both with examples for in-app purchases (subscriptions) in the programming, as well as the setup at Apple Connect with StoreKit and Sandbox for testing would be really helpful and good!

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