I can't download my app , I am a free user

He says:

Upgrade to PRO

Only PRO members can download or publish with In-App Purchase.

I am a new free user.

I spent a lot of time in this project

According to the pricing page, you can download two projects per month with a free account. Have you already downloaded twice? If not, please post a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing.

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You can download your app or publish it for 45$ (the listing fee is extra)

I don’t download app this month.

It looks like you are trying to include the in-app payments element? is that accurate?

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Are you saying he is part of the test group or the In-App Purchase is now made public?


It is available to all users. I just checked.

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I just download the app

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Did you figure out the issue? It’s always helpful to share for others who may experience the same.

I’m glad you have gotten your app downloaded! :tada:

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I can’t download

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