Publishing my app

I need to publish an app I made for everyone who is involved with the school or just wants to see what is going on. I know that to publish to the app store I need to get a developer account. Only problem is the school isn’t able at the moment to pay for all of the fees, especially with all that is going on. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

Why don’t you pay for it yourself or ask your parents?

Well, we can’t necessarily afford all of the fees. Plus, it is an app that is solely for the school.

I feel your pain.

For Android, you can download a copy of the app to your computer. Then copy the APK to a file sharing system like Google Drive. You can then share the file for free.

I do not know a solution for iPhones. :frowning:

I’ll keep searching for a solution for iPhones. Thanks, this helps a lot!