Publishing your app

How can we publish our app ?

What do you mean?
Do you want to share it?
Do you want to download it?
Do you want to publish to app store? google play?

Edit: See reply below.

There are two interfaces to do it.

To publish the app, you will see a dropdown.
Screenshot 2023-04-11 7.20.55 PM
To publish as website, click web app. For Android see android. for iOS, see iOS. However, they require paid plans.
For downloading your app, click download, then the dropdown (note: only for android). Follow on-screen instructions.
But what if you just want to share it with a link?
Click on share, beside “Make Copy”.

Copy the link, then share it with someone!

BUT… someone can use the other interface.
If you want to share:

Publish OR download:

Do not click the book icon, click the one icon to the left of it.
That’s how to publish your app! :slight_smile:

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