How can I somehow 'publish' my app, or let it use by some people?

Hi everyone! After some weeks and a lot of help from Thunkers from this forum I’ve made the app I wanted: the No Leftover App. It’s an app I’ve made for a schoolproject, so I would like to somehow publish or something the app in order to let the teachers test it. It doesn’t have to be in the PlayStore (I’ve tried that but saw that you need a privacy statement and testpanels etc. and I don’t have enough time for that since I have to hand it in Monday). Does anyone know if there is another way to show people the app without publishing? Because if i show my project it isn’t readable because I’ve made it for an Android Mobile, so the only way rn to use it is via the Thunkable Test App. Therefore the only option I have rn is to let people log in with my acc in this App, but I was wondering if someone knows another way to show it to people.

Hope to hear from you! :blush: :smiley:

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Hey @lyketakentz62lo do you want your teachers to get the apk of the app or the source of your app

Hey @lyketakentz62lo,

The “quickest/easiest” solution is just to share your project page.

Here’s one of mine as an example:

But it has lots of other info in there too.

The “best” solution here is probably to publish your project as a web app:


Hi @gm_shack,

I don’t mind what they get hahaha I just want them to be able to use my app. Idk if the apk is enough for them to actually use the app? because when I want to open the app when clicking on the apk file, my laptop shows a pop-up that I have to search in the store (I have a MacBook btw). But idk what’s the easiest way to let them use the app on their phones?
They also need to see the app & the coding, is it therefore enough to just send them the link?

Thanks for the reply anyway :blush:

Thanks for the reply! I will have a look!

@lyketakentz62lo a .apk will only run on an Android device (so if you want to share with someone who has an iPhone this won’t work for them)

Oh, if they need to see the blocks for your project then the /projectPage/ link is definitely the way to go here. :+1:


@lyketakentz62lo you can export the apk by the download option in the top right
and then if you have a group with your teachers you can send it in the group or you can attach a mail to your teacher

Thank you :smiley:

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I was looking at the video, I’m not a PRO member but it’s no problem to become one if that is needed. Ill have a look!

If your teachers need to see the blocks for your project then the /projectPage/ link is the best (and free) option here.

If you just want friends/family to be able to test your app then publishing as a web app is the fastest (but paid) option.

Hopefully that gives you a good explanation of your options here @lyketakentz62lo

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Okay thanks!!! :smiley:

Hi!! I have another problem, not regarding publishing but regarding a functionality in the design of my app. I have a screen in which I have a label (called ‘description’) where the user can see what the instructions of a recipe are. This label must be scrollable, therefore i put it into a column. it worked for days but now i can’t get it nicely presented anymore. I saw a topic of a guy on Thunkable where you reacted on, so i was thinking maybe you know what i’m doing wrong? I’ve tried multiple combinations but everytime the iinstructions aren’t outlined well or aren’t scrollable…

Thunkable this is the link of my app, hopefully you can help! :smiley:

maybe this is also good to see i t:

it already worked out with a text_input!! First time not, but after a while it worked :smiley:

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Hi Dom,

I am a middle school teacher in Metuchen, NJ and just started using Thunkables with my 8th grade students (14 years old). I love the idea of sharing the project page. I was looking for a solution for them to share their work with me and each other. This might be perfect.

My question is…do you have to have a Thunkable account to see the webpage? The students and I typically like to share our work beyond our classroom with their parents and school administrators. Is there a way for them to see the project pages without an account?


then you can share apk or ipa files @rmisuraca3

My recommendation for that would be for you to publish each of their projects as a web app. That way, you can generate a url that anyone can visit to use the app. The downside is that some features (camera, barcode reader, certain APIs, etc.) don’t work as web apps.

So you would need a Pro account but your students would not. This is what I’m currently doing with my 7th & 8th grade students who use Thunkable.


Brilliant idea! So I am assuming you do the following:

  1. Students complete their projects on their own free account.
  2. Students send the teacher a link to their finished project.
  3. The teacher opens the link and opens the student’s project in the teacher’s PRO account.
  4. The teacher publishes the student’s project as a web app with a URL for all to see and use ( outside of certain features as noted). The URL is shared with the class or school community in some way - (Google Doc, Padlet, etc.)

I really like this idea because the teacher gets a chance to test out the app before publishing a student’s project.

It would be wonderful if Thunkable had a PRO account pricing for teachers…

Let me know if misunderstood the steps or need to add anything else.

All the best,


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@rmisuraca3 Yes, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. I also have my students tell me their Thunkable usernames so that I can search the Public Gallery at any time by username to view their projects. Projects in free accounts are always public and therefore always viewable.

There’s a button for educational pricing here:

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