Message in mail for download

Please note that you can only test one project on your mobile device at a time.

This is a “one-time use only” link. It will expire in one hour. It is intended for testing purposes only.

Please do not share the link.

If you want to invite others to test your project, please enroll in the program

Here is the email I received. Does this mean that I couldn’t download the application and email it to my students?
I would like to create my app and then be able to send it in iOS and android format to my students. Is this possible or is it a trial app download?

Thanks for your solution

Hi @bastien.fournerono3q, welcome to Thunkable!

The download link is only for testing on a single device. If you want to share an app with your students, you have a few options:

  1. Make the project public in Thunkable and share a link to the project. This will not work well on a mobile device but would work in a desktop/laptop browser.
  2. Publish the app as a web app and provide students with a link. Not all components work in web apps.
  3. Set up Test Flight and have students install the test flight version of your app after it’s been sent to Apple for approval. I don’t know what the Android equivalent of that is.
  4. Publish the app to an App Store and have students download the app just like any other public user.
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If I understand correctly, either we have to pay or it is not possible to download it from a mobile

You can download it to your own device (once) but if you want to use it on multiple devices, you will have to publish it and yes, pay.

What kind of app are you making for your students? And how old are the students you teach? I teach students from kindergarten to 8th grade in California. I currently use Thunkable with 7th and 8th graders.

Hey @bastien.fournerono3q I think you can share the link with your students but they need to open it within a certen time. I also had this question so i sent the ios link of my app to my friend and I also had to download so I told him to forward the message after he did that it worked, I think you can do it without paying

Hope it solved your doubt

Thanks :smiley: :smile:

I’m Physical Education teacher in France and I teach students from 7th to 10th grade. My apps is simple but my students must be able to save their progress from one session to another. Basically I was working on the MIT app but unfortunately I can’t download my project for iOS.

how much does it cost you? Do I have to pay once or several times?

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Hey @bastien.fournerono3q you have to pay 99 dollars for apple developer subscription for a year

You have to pay every year

Hey @bastien.fournerono3q

We have 3 pages of documentation here on publishing your app:
The first time I published one of my projects it was challenging and time consuming (but very rewarding!) however, with some practice it gets much easier now.

Under absolutely no circumstances should you share an iOS download link. This is against our terms of services and is not allowed by Apple either. If you do this you risk having your account suspended.

Just to be clear on the costs here, if you want to publish an app from Thunkable to Google Play you need to pay:

Thunkable: $0
Google: $25 one-time fee

To publish a Thunkable project to the App Store you need to pay:

Thunkable: $0
Apple: $99 annual subscription

Once you have paid these fees (for Play Store and App Store) you need to submit your app for review, and if it’s approved by the review teams at Apple and Google it will be published. This typically takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Wondering if you’ve considered publishing your project as a web app? It’s definitely the fastest way to get your app into your students hands.


Hello @domhnallohanlon , thank you for your very comprehensive response which has helped me a lot. I would like to ask you what you think about it since you are very well informed. The application I want to do would be for my students only (so very personal and that could not be used by other people). There are potentially non-royalty-free images and I don’t want to monetize or give out to any audience. So I’m afraid Apple will refuse my application. And I don’t want to be illegal. I wanted to know if it was possible to create a free and simple web app where students could save their progress.
Thank you VERY MUCH

@gm_shack thanks for your help

Publishing a web app doesn’t require any approval from Apple or Google. And it’s instant. You click publish and the website is live in a few seconds. If you have a Pro account, try it… I find it’s great for testing my apps and also for sharing them with others. And you can update the content immediately without waiting days for Apple or Google to approve another version.

@bastien.fournerono3q - did you mention above that there was a log-in screen in your app? If that were the case then a web app would be a strong option.

We’ve posted about them in more detail here: 🎉 New Thunkable ✕ PRO Feature: Publish your Project as a Web App 2020-03-11

Here’s a simple example of a web app that I’ve published:

And here’s how to add any web app to your home screen, so it “feels” like a native app:

I hadn’t thought of that but the idea is very interesting. Is it possible to save the data even on a web application given that my students must progress in the educational game and therefore not start from 0 each time.
If we stop paying at some point, the application will no longer be visible? Will you necessarily have to pay for it to be available, whether by publishing on iOS / Android or in a web application? I am wrong ?

And are there different pricing for teachers?

Thanking you again for your precious help.

For Android and iOS apps you do not need to pay to Thunkable. For the Web app you have to keep renewing as long as you want the Web app to be accessible.

Could I not be in trouble if I created applications where there are images that are not copyright free? Because I don’t want to sell or publish it, but these images are appealing to the students.

Not be in trouble? that’s an interesting way of phrasing it. I would strongly urge you not to use intellectual property that you don’t own the rights to. I would also like to highlight that I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. If you have any questions about IP or similar areas of the law you should consult a legal professional (especially since laws vary highly from region to region)

Finally, I’m not sure what images you’re using but I’m sure there are open source or creative commons alternatives that you could use:

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Hi there

I have used the web app for publishing for students and works really well. the benefit also is its quick I am working on a student app and want them to be able to use now before its complete so a really good option. then eventually i will upload to the app store.


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