Is it possible to download iOS app to multiple devices?

Hi everybody, I have a presentation AI tomorrow
(Workshop Title: Using Thunkable to build AI powered app to teach English to Deaf Students)

and I want people play with blocks and at the end test the iOS app which is not published yet.
I have downloaded the app using the download link which expires in 24h. Can I generate this link once again and share it with 10 people who will have iPhones during the workshop?

any suggestions? @albert @domhnallohanlon @arun

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Yes the link can be installed in as many devices as possible in a 24h delay :slight_smile:

Nice initiative by the way !

Nice day :slight_smile:

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We strongly discourage this. That link is intended for use by the developer only, for testing. A much preferable way would be to have the people who you want to share with install the Thunkable app on their phones and then you can share your project with them and they can run it via the Thunkable app. Here is the documentation on how to share projects.



Good luck with your workshop tomorrow. Let us know if we can be of help.