How to make a downloadable iOS copy of my app

I am trying to create a downloadable copy of my app for an iPhone. This is easily done for Android which create apk files. How can I easily share apps for the iOS?
I tried sharing the apps, but it only lets me create a link that is really just for testing (AND it expires quickly). When I try to install a different app, it overwrites the first app that I tested. Its very frustrating. I want to be able to send my apps to my students’ parents so that the parents know exactly what their students should be creating.

Also, is it possible to share my actual code with someone so that they can add to it and make changes (kind of like sharing my aia file that Android has)? I want to be able to give my students an app and have them add to it and make changes.

Hi @SdeCastro Welcome to the Thunkable Community :wave:

Sure thing - you can use the “Share” button at the top of the screen to create a copy of your project that others can edit.

The only approved way to distribute your iOS apps is through the App Store.

As per the docs, the download link is intended to be used by you and you alone.