How to download iOS app or extend link time

Hello, Thunkers!
I have a new question for you. I am hoping my findings are not the end of this topic and I hope someone has a solution or workaround. Is there a way to either extend the link expiration time to download a built app? If not (And I don’t think there is otherwise I feel like someone would have created a solution for that already), is there a way to download the iOS app so I can store it and share that? I am able to download the APK file for Android and upload it to my Firebase Storage bin, but I can’t find a way to download the iOS download file in a similar fashion. Any thoughts?

Backstory, my app is only for about 10 people at work, so it is not worth buying what is needed for uploading to the app stores. But, I can’t always easily fit all 10 people into the 24 hr. download window. And it is sometimes hard to rebuild when the link expires because I am already working on new features which may or may not be stable yet.

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You have two options with iOS projects:

  1. Publish it as a web app and share the link with others
  2. Publish it to the App Store and allow others to download it

Okay, really there’s a third option which is to distribute the app using Test Flight but that’s really more of a temporary solution.

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Check this post

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