Installing iOS app on a computer

I can’t download the thunkable IOS app file I made on my computer. Is there any way to download an IOS file on a computer?

Nope. Apple has a bunch of restrictions. You can only download the iOS file for installing on an i-device.

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@shrey do you have access to an iOS device?

If not, have you tried downloading a .APK file and installing it on an Android device?

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No, I don’t have an IOS device or have access to it, but a want to share 2 files which are both IOS and Android on my computer.

Hi Shrey,

If you’re hoping to share your iOS project with other people, but don’t want to publish it publicly to the App Store, there are some options you can check out:

  • Sharing the Thunkable project with these people, and letting them download it to their iOS devices
  • Publishing the app on TestFlight and letting people download it from the TestFlight app
  • Use Apple’s Custom Apps service to “privately and securely distribute to specific partners, clients, franchisees” and “distribute proprietary apps to your internal employees”

That last one is a more specific use case, but maybe you’ll find it interesting anyway!

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