Ios project downloading

Hello i made an ios project but when i downloa it to my mail address, i cant see the file. I see only download symbol but the file iş not being downloaded.

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Hi, @murat_Aydin! :wave:

On which device are you viewing your mail? Mac or iPhone?
You need to view it on your iPhone.

After clicking download in the website, click the home button, and you will see your app downloading like -

(Your app’s icon will look like it’s loading :wink: )

Hope I helped you! :smile:

Thanks! :blush:


So awesome for the iPhone download progress.!
But I will not use it XD

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On windows computer i tried it. If i can not download it how can i upload to app store. And my friend has an app store account i want to send the file to him. Do i have to have an apple product? May be i have windows 7, iş there any problem with it.

I dont see this image.

:arrow_right: How to Publish to AppStore

Follow these steps, just enter your friend’s data wherever asked :wink:

It’s from iPhone. Have you installed this on your iPhone / friend’s iPhone?

I downloaded the file to my email address. My phone is android. So i couldnt see the file on my phone and i saw this image on my phone. Few days ago i looked download link on my windows computer same image there was…

Oh Boy…

You need to both open your email address & download the app on an iPhone/iPad
No windows PC, No Android will work.

Thanks! :blush:

Thanks. So to upload an application to app store i have to have an iphone. But there is an another problem. When i download the ios file to my friend’s mail on his iphone he couldnt öpen it. Althouh he made the settings for the thunkable


Okay. Did u manage to download the app?
Next, he needs to trust the app.

Nope - the nice thing about Thunkable X is that you can develop iOS applications without an iPhone.

In order to publish your app, however, you will need an Apple developer account, in the exact same way that publishing your Android account requires a dev account.

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i dont have an ios device so how do i download my ios app to put on my website.

@SamDev you can’t put iOS apps on a website, this is in violation of Apple’s policies.

iOS apps may only be distributed through the App Store. We have a full guide on how to do this in our documentation