How can i download Thunkable iOS App without an iOS Device?


I’m developing an iOS App for a Client and -

When i tried to download the iOS app from the e-mail that Thunkable Sent, it said-

"You can only download it from an iOS Device"

But, unfortunately i don’t have any iOS device right now.

So, is there any way that i can download it from- an Android Phone or A Windows PC.

I tried some iOS Emulators but they didn’t worked.

Do you know any Good Emulator or any other way which can help me to download this without an iOS Device.


Hey @unicornbrands :wave:

Can your client test this out for you from time to time?

Why not test it on your Android device on a more regular basis yourself?

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Yes, Sir He can test it out but i thought it would have looked amateur-ish to ask for help from the Client’s side while i’m in the Development and Testing phase.

I just wanted to make sure that- The app looks same on the iOS too.

I managed to test it out on my friend’s iOS device.

Anyways, Thanks for your feedback