Creating my first app in Thunkable X

Hi All,

I’m starting to use Thunkable X to create an app for IOS. But I’m facing a problem that was discussed sometimes in the forum, but I didn’t see any answer. Here are what I’ve been done:

1 - As a Windows user, I created a login in;
2 - I created a small test in Thunkable X (very simples, just two blocks);
3 - After this I’ve downloaded it and I received the email, that open a page (in Firefox) showing me the button DOWNLOAD;
4 - If I click tin this button, it shows me an error, maybe because it’s considering that I have to download it in an IOS based device.

So, I can’t continue to test, because I can’t put the .IPA into Appetize. Do you have any tips?


Edit: I did those steps because I don’t have an IOS device here. So I have to test it in an IOS emulator, like

So it seems not to be possible using (or try to use) an IOS emulator in Windows to get the downloaded file from Thunkable X.

Unfortunately, I have to give up this project and tell the client to find another person to develop this in another tool for IOS.