Use thunkable apps in iOS 11.3

I’ve made a few apps and used them on an Android smartphone.
Everything works
But my attempt to make apps for an iphone does not work.
I can not make the application on my phone.
I’m new and I’m doing something wrong - I think. :slight_smile:


You have to use thunkable for ios
Thunkable cross x fot both android and ios tohether

Hi Jerin Jacob.
Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:
But I still do not know how to use it.

  1. I install x.thunkable on my computer and log in with google account.
  2. I make a small app that changes the color of the button by pressing.
  3. I’m installing x.thunkable on an iphone 5se (ios 11.3)
  4. Proplem is so - what do I do now and what should be written in the app settings.
  5. Here’s a picture of my problem:
  6. When this setting has been made … what’s next
    Eyvind Christensen.

you have to login on the iPhone app with the same Account and then choose live test on the upper right in your desktop browser