Download thunkable x file

Hi guy,

I am completed first apps at thunkable x. Just wondering how download it at my computer? i have no plan yet to upload at app store. i also have try many way to get the file from ipad but not success.

Please advice if you guys have other idea.

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Hi, @ozel1978,
If I got your question correct,
then please have a look at the screenshot below :
You click on Download & choose Platform & It will download the app on you PC and then you can transfer.
Hope it helps! :wink:


For the record, if you ask about X thunkable, it is better to post not in thunkable classic section…



i pass that step. they will give you link in email and after that only you can download it in ipad or iphone. But not to computer or G drive or somewhere else.


Hi, @ozel1978,
You just misspelt my name terribly :sweat_smile: Kartik (nevermind.)
When you open Gmail/Email on your PC, open the mail containing the app’s file and download it on your PC.
Hope it helps!


Just to be clear, you do not need to (or even want to) download your iOS app to your computer. When you’re ready to publish your app to the App Store our Publish process will upload it to the App Store. Please take a close look at our docs on publishing to the App Store for some more info.

The process is a little different for publishing Android apps to Google Play Store. See here for more info on that.


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does not work. i been ask to install emulator for ios but never try it.

Can I know why do you want to download it on PC?
So I can suggest properly…

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Here is a reason. If I want to discontinue my Thunkable subscription at some point, I want to be able to export the source code of my application and keep it until I decide to re-subscribe and continue from where I left off. Not being able to do so leaves me with two options: 1. Not pay my subscription and make my apps Public which is something I may not be willing to do and 2. Delete all my work and rewrite everything from scratch when I decide to resume working on it. I bet you Thunkable knows this and will not easily provide such an option to keep up paying our subscriptions. I hope I will be proven wrong.