Testing ios apps

I want to download the ios version of my app. I don’t have an ios device so i have to send it to a friend with iphone. Is it necessary that the friend’s phone is jailbroken?

No. The unique functionality of Thunkable X is that this development environment allows you to officially install one application on an official iOS device. Jailbreak is not required.

That means that i can share my app only to one friens until i publish it in itunes?

You can freely share Thunkable X projects with your friends (friends must also have an account with Thunkable X IDE). Developers are only asked not to share links to ready-made iOS applications that come to your e-mail.

Which is the requires ios?

iOS is the operating system that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, IPad, Apple TV and Apple HomePod.

Ok, which ios version is required?

Look at this


What’s the download limit for ios builds.it’s not clear in Terms and Conditions.How long will it take for ios builds to download…