Distribute ios app without apple store


I created a simple app for a group of parents from a school, how can I distribute the iOS app to them since I do not have a developer account on the applestore? How can I get the .ipa file that I can share and install as a business app?



you will need a developer account also to be able to enroll business apps… Unfortunately that is due to Apples restricted policies for apps and their operating system…

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Thanks, but when downloading the iOS app you could not already have a .ipa file that you can share just as you do with the .apk files of android? @wei @powerthunker what are you telling me?


Hey @Comitato_Genitori_Ma Just share the link in your email. It is said to be usable only once but all of them can install the app from that very link. However, if you wish to make an “official” app, Appstore is your only way out.

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You cannot install .ipa files to an iPhone like you can install .apk files to Android - the iPhone only allows signed apps to be installed.


The other replies are correct. The download link is for testing purpose and you can’t share it with others. Please pay for the $99 Apple developer program fee and I am happy to help you get it published in the store.



@wei, I would pay without problems if the app was for everyone, but it is an app for parents of a school and I do it as a hobby, spending € 99 seems to me a waste. I found this solution, it will not be optimal but fulfills my needs: I’ll make the ipa file available and the user does not have to do anything else but upload it to https://www.diawi.com/ to generate a downloadable link, then he only has to to make the developer Rappidly Inc “trustworthy” as described in your procedure


Hi, how do you download the ipa file? thunkable does not allow it …