Now you can sell code to users to stop Ad or to activate any inside offer

Hello I have created a system where after user download your app and click buy option he/she can pay you a fixed fee to activate/open new features inside app.
Example - Suppose you have 5 pages on the app. 4 Pages FREE to open. 5th Page is secure. When a user pay only then it will be open. This payment can be done by Paypal , Paytm, OnlineBanking , Credi Card anything. I want to sale this app Idea.

I want the community to set a price for this . Than You

You can control user registration and levels of privileges easily with firebase and some extension to get user’s gmail. Activation however must be done manually when you see the payment. (I am considering to create an app to see my different firebase projects and modify the users rights accordingly. )

One must be careful of GDPR issues also… some kind of consent should exist on initial run of the app about personal data kept such as the email.

You can even use firebase entries to set counters of days from initial installation for trial period and this could be bulletproof no matter if user uninstalls the app or clears data…
So based on all the above, unfortunately the starting point of the value is 0.
I am curious however for your method. If you wish we can further discuss it privately.