How to check at sign-in if user has paid or not?


So I have an app that shows training materials (videos and PDFs) to users. I have a Firebase login screen. The videos will be stored in Cloudinary.

Now there is FREE content and PAID content.

I want all users to be able to access the FREE material. However if they pay, they can see paid content too.

How can I implement this? How can I can check at the blocks if the user has paid or not? I will be using Google Stores payment process

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I guess it comes down to how you are processing payment…can you get some sort of receipt from your payment gateway and store it in firebase?

the way I imagine it in my head, you store user in firebase, every user will have a Paid variable.
If a user Paid variable = 1 or Paid varialbe !=Null content x is visible

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