How can I store and then share user data?

User put their data like name , mobile number and click submit button and local storage save it then it will navigate to another screen and in this screen have a button and when they click the button firebase save it . How to code it ?? Plz !!

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Can you explain in a clear way and provide project link or images to show what you want.

Are you asking about Local Storage or Firebase?

Sir ! This is registration page , after click register button it just navigate this red button page

And after click this red button database save that data that user inputed at registration page . I mean I will able to see user data when user click SOS button , not click register button … register button just save data at local storage …I think …thank you !!

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Do you know that Local Storage means user mobile phone storage? This means if the same user uses your app from another phone, it will show that there is no data for this user.

I believe you need to use a login or sign in screen such as this one

Sir tell me , with sing in method
I just want to how I willl recive just user name and mobile number after click SOS button … not before it …

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When you save the data in Firebase in the first screen then you can retrieve the information from Firebase in any screen in the app.

Look at the docs related to stored and cloud variables and then the share component

If you search the forum, too, there’s lots of goodies like this! :+1:

But how ??

Hey @imranazimithubf happy to see you here building uour app! Please let us know which of these you’ve read through. A quick forum search produced these results but there’s probably more.

Save data in the firebase db

How to work with project bucket in firebase?

How to save user data separately

Save user profile to Firebase database

Manage Signed In Users’ Data with Cloud Variables

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