How to save user data separately

hi i make a sign in page and one another screen ,and i have applied a logic for user login and save their id and password ,
so my question is that when i login through email and password so the first user id and password is saved in the firebase but when the another user login their account the previous user id and password overwrite with the next one
pla help me to store user data separately in firebase

Show your blocks and firebase data structure?

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Sorry i didn’t get your concern plz specify

When you post on the forums, it’s best to include a screenshot of your blocks and in this case also a screenshot of your firebase database “tree” (remove any confidential info).


Ya but it is processing topic you know entering data and updating on firebase so i can not capture any screen shot i will try to make a gif after making screen recording

Hi there,

You can save user data by using their unique user ID as a key to store data under.

You can find a detailed explanation in this video tutorial:

This is a drag and drop tutorial, but the snap to place Sign In block will also return a user ID, and the other blocks should work in the same way.


Thanks a lot jane it is very helpful for me thanks for your kind information

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hi jane i implement your suggestion on my project all is well the name i asked for the user is correctly showing when a user sign in again.
but my concern is that when i asked for user to upload their picture the firebase saves the user picture associated with user id but when a user login again back to application the user name is showing but the user picture is not sowing at the picture frame.

i am sharing my project link with you plz insert your api key as well as the database url of firebase to check and find the bug ,then send me the bugfreee project link .

my project link is Thunkable


Do you see the image URL in your Firebase DB?

Yes the link showing correctly


uploading picture is not a issue , image fetching is a issue please help jane

Are you able to fetch other values such as the /name property? If not, what are your Firebase rules?

Ya name is showing as well but the image is not please help

What is the cloudinary url you have stored in Firebase?

What happens if you set a label’s text to the /image value? Does it show the same url that’s in Firebase?

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the link for image is uploaded in my firebase db is

and if i set the lable’s text ti /image the text lable showing the same url just like my firebase db

So maybe it’s a problem with the image settings.

Can you please try the following?
Instead of getting the image url from firebase, put it in a red text box and set the image url that way. Does it show up that way? If it doesn’t, check your image settings carefully.

sure !
let me check .