Thunkable x Stored avatar in account

Hi there,
I’m working on store an avatar in each account. I just confusing how can I store the image? (That’s mean no longer invisible even if quited)
Here is the blocks

The button to select the image then show it is work. I am just confusing how to store it

Hi i made a profile app if you want me to share it with you?

It works with cloudinary and firebase auth. by using auth each user gets an object which is their user id in firebase, then in that object they get tags like username, profile link, fullname, bio, and so on.

When you want to change the photo, in cloudinary call upload, and return get link of the photo. then in firebase set object userid, tag photolink to that link. then for the profile photo, set the image url to firebase profilelink.

this then allows each user to make an account, sign in and sign out on different devices and keep all their data safe.


i just noticed that you want it to be locally stored? this could be possible with files potentially, but i have not experimented with that. Although the solution above may suit you better?

let me know how you get on.

If it is made on Thunkable X
Please share it to me and I will grateful :slight_smile:

here you go. if you have an issue when first opening the app let me know. Although it should work.

I also added an admin control screen, this does auto sign in by using saved variables (it checks them every time when signing in) and once that is done, from firebase i had a variable that could be either 1 or 0. if it was set to 0 a user could not sign in, thus creating the feature admin control. I removed this to make it only what you wanted. hope this helps. make sure to set up auth and a cloudinary account. you do not need airtable

i must add, i forgot on the sign in screen to add the navigate back to admin control, so if this is not added you should do that and then it will work. i added there now but i am unsure will the changes show up for you.

hopefully that is what you wanted. I have bio tags and full name tags in firebase but they are not added as you only wanted the profile pic.


I forgot to mention, if you wanted the user to be able to find other users, you must compile a list of every users userid, then have a search feature. The way i made it includes a username but it is not the object name. This means users can have duplicate usernames like you would find in chat platforms such as Discord. You could make a search directory with all the usernames, whether they are the same or not, and to add a friend have them confirm their userId

That’s just a loading icon to loading longer when opened :slight_smile:

Hi, @BlueWhaleYT!
You want to store the image… right?
Then, you should upload the image to Cloudinary, get the Media URL and store the URL to tiny dB, i.e Local Storage.
Then, the screen where you want the image to display itself, just add an image component, and add blocks as follows :
LocalStorage.get key -> avatar (just for sake)
Set image1.image to ->value

We can add the image’s URL rather than selecting image from the assets.
The local dB contains the URL of the avatar.
We are setting the image to URL.

(I couldn’t provide blocks snippet coz I am away from lapy…)
If I got your question wrong, please inform😌

Hope it helps!


I open the app and just loading. :slight_smile:

hi what kartik has mentioned is a better solution . its offline which i believe you are okay with?

and the profile app is a bit messed up i do apologise, i had made a sign in and sign out that worked on a different project and i was trying to replicate it for you.

I believe this is fixed now. Can you try it for me for my own sake as well? Thank you!


create a firebase and set up email auth, and link cloudinary.