Photo Upload/saving

Im trying to create a page where you can upload a photo ( ive managed this part with Photo Library, Media DB and Firebase, so When the button is clicked it gives an option to upload an image from your phone, and display it in Image1)
altough im having trouble with saving it? so if you close the app and login again the uploaded photo is gone.
Then, when you go to the next page , you call the photo from the DB and display it . So Image1, will display uploaded photo 1 , Image 2 , will all uploaded photo 2 etc.
So i have a "picture upload " page , and when you click save and continue , on the next page it should display all the photos that yuo uploaded.
Ive tried to follow videos , unfortunately , most of them are in Hindi and the rest are results for Thunkable Android version only.
Would appreciate any help regarding this. Im still new to all this and still learning the more advanced things.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Roelof_Van_Wyk,

I think you can use a stored variable to persistently keep track of which image you want to display in which component.

Do you mean that you want to save an image from Cloudinary to your users device? Off the top of my head, I’m not sure how to do that - let me know if that’s something you are looking for in your app.

Thanks for Answering @domhnallohanlon

Sorry if my explanation is abit all over the place.
So what i am trying to do is a kind of Profile page, Where you upload photos from your phone , like a gallery. So when opening the app , after registering , you will be presented with a page where you fill in your information. Email , Contact details etc, and the upload an “avatar” or Profile Photo. Lets call this a “settings” type of page, Then when you click “Save and Continue Button” , on the Next page , i want all the information displayed , like a Profile. So was playing around with the " When page starts, Call Uploaded photos from DB" ?

Hope this makes sense?