Manage Signed In Users' Data with Cloud Variables

Hi there, Thunkers :wave:

I have previously shared a Sign In Video Tutorial for Drag and Drop UI which used stored variables to save the sign in details between app sessions.

We now also have a video tutorial to save user details such as name and profile picture to the cloud using cloud variables!

Check it out here:

This includes the chapters:
0:00 Cloud variables vs Stored Variables and App Variables
0:55 Building on Last Week’s Project
2:35 Dynamically Naming a Cloud Variable 3:59 Saving Text to the Cloud
5:13 Saving Media to the Cloud
6:43 Displaying Data from the Cloud in your project

While this tutorial was made in the new Drag and Drop UI, you can use similar blocks in the Snap to Place UI to do the same thing. Keep in mind that Cloudinary is its own component in the Snap to Place UI!

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