Cloudinary with drag and drop UI

Hey guys!
I got a problem by trying to upload an image to cloudinary (drag and drop UI). I tryed to add the image to the cloud variable, but it didn’t work. I was thinking about to redo the project in the other UI, because there is the MediaDB function, but i need the Open AI services. Probably there is a method with the web API?

Try this. It works seamlessly for me…i used the Thunkable tutorial only.
Make sure you have put in your Firebase API Key and URL and Cloudinary API Key and API secret for all functions to work.

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Just a note that to upload an image to Cloudinary, you don’t need Firebase or cloud variables at all. You can just use the upload file block shown above and it will generate a url value (or an error) for the hosted image.


Thanks, will keep that in mind. Im using the cloud variable because the image is specific for each user like an account’s profile picture.

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Are you sure there’s the upload file block un the drag and drop UI?

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Yes there is. You need to right click on the block and select “Show Advanced block” to access all the features.

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