Sharing Data with other users


I am building an app and I would like the app user to have the option to add other users [3 or 4 users]. I am planning to use Firebase DB. Would it be possible for the main user to add other users and other users will be able to see the main user’s data? Each user will have their own login.

I checked the community and saw these links below- Are they related?

Hi. Check out this tutorial

It is based on a template app that has registration/login/profile stuff.


For sure!

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@jared I getting “error while copying file” when I open the project link of your post. Could you send me the correct link please?

@David_Wolber I checked and the tutorial is for just a normal user login, right? My question is how I can share the user data of one user with other approved users.

Hi. The login/profile app provides the infrastructure for an app like you describe. The underlying Google sheet has a row for each user including user name. You can use the user name to “mark” the posts that each user makes.

You’ll need to add a second spreadsheet for your user posts. Say users can post an appreciation note. You’d have a spreadsheet with columns for 1) user name (author), and 2) appreciation text.

When you display the posts, you can show the post and the user name of the author in your Data Viewer List or Grid

I plan to create a tutorial for such an app, just not there yet. This app can help, but it doesn’t have login.


Hi David,

Thank you. I will check the app and update thanks for replying. Appreciate your help. I will check and try building the app and get back

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