Listener for dynamic named cloud variable

I have looked but am unable to find out how to listen to a dynamic named variable stored in a firebase to enable peer-to-peer communication.


This option is not available in DnD yet.

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Will it be? Because otherwise how can a Thunkable developer make solutions for many clients?

Example: I make a game and put it on App Store - it is downloaded by Alice and Bob - they share data and play - Charlie and Dorris also download but should not share data with Alice and Bob.

Same with data entry type apps - Alice (my client) fills out her own Airtable sheet and Bob (also my client) fills out another sheet that he does not want to share with Alice.

Thunkable needs to address how their users can service their own users, why would anyone spend the effort using it otherwise?

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This situation should not happen anyway unless I did not understand what you mean.

I have an app with a master bucket in Firebase (example myApp). Under that I have a key named users.

I have a cloud variable which is myApp/users. I detect (listens to) changes under this and with every change I check if this change belongs to the user to perform my functions on it. This is not displayed to app users but internally in my code. Users will not see each other entries unless I show it to them.

In addition, you can implement database rules (which I have not) to stop any user seeing the entries of others.

See my FB Chat app which demonstrates the idea.


How would it ever be possible to make anything using data with more than a few users? I think Thunkable is going to require some backend data handling TLC to become even a remote option.

If they bring their own airtable api key, you can use any airtable base you want via the api connector. You’re not limited! :slight_smile:

I make an APP - compile it to App Store (I want the money for my effort). Alice downloads it and wants to use her own airtable, Bob downloads same app and wants to use his own airtable. Is there a component so I can let them set their own api connector from the same app compile?

A data import feature in your app could be accomplished using their apiKey. you can get a list of bases, return it to the user. Have them select the base and table and bam.

How will you ensure your users have similar airtable? The data schema will need to be the same between tables (very doable) or you will need to also data mapping which is a pain.

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If considering catering for many users, the best tools you could consider with relative ease would be: 1. A dynamic listener for firebase real time, and 2. Ability to use current local table method with a dynamic airtable link - just forcing it in when saving.


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