Which is the right database to use?

Hi, I have no idea of which database is best for my idea, and also I have no clue about how to work on databases =(, so before starting to learn about that, I want to be sure which type I should use: Airtable, Realtime DB by Firebase, others?

This is what I want to achieve with the app:
User A sends a numerical value to user B.
User B receives confirmation of the value received from user A.
Both users can see a balance and details of the transactions as see a balance.



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This sounds like something you could easily do with a cloud variable

Hope that helps!

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Yes! I also recommend you to use cloud variables wich works with firebase! in other words It seems that firebase is the best option for this :grinning:

Thanks for the fast reply!
I think there is one point I missed to mention… and I am not sure if the suggestion will be the same: to use firebase Realtime Database (or cloud variables).

There can be n- number of users, and any user can decide to send the points to any other user, this means each user will need to be able to filter the transactions and see n- number of balances.
I cannot predefine the number of variables (like in the Work Credit example).

Any further advice?


Create a custom pathway for each user based on userID. In each pathway create a sub pathway tostore an object eith user info.

This is really smart! thanks. I will give it a try!

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