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Hello Folks,
Suggestion of best practices wanted using Drag and Drop version

Example Use case: I have a text label stating “Hello all users”
Without updating with a new release to App Store and Google play
I want the text to change to “Happy Halloween all”

I can obviously not use the Cloud Store in Thunkabe but need an external DB. ( I guess)
Can someone give me an idea of easiest way to do this ?


Any external database works for this need. Firebase. Xano. Supabase. Airtable. Whichever.

The important part would ensuring your app has a pointer to the relevant cloud record such that when the app opens it doesn’t display data from memory but the cloud.

OK Sounds great - How do i get the Firebase to communicate with the cloud… Thosw block does not exist do they ?

Please go read the docs on cloud variables or watch this

It’s super easy

Firebase = cloud variables

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Hello Again - I have checked these and other movies and i dont get it - (Sorry it sook so long time)

This is what i want to do and the problem i have…
When an iteration is made i want to set the iteration number to “ITERATION = ITERATION + 1”
When the number is set i want to add this iteration number - lets say 32 to a db (Grad iteration = Granditeration + iterations" ( so that all iterations from all is summarized into a grand total

Ths problem is that i do not undertstand how to move the numbers bac and forth to the Firebase DB as the Firebase DB blocks are removed.

It is super easy - i have heard - But the movie only reflects the sign is process available through

So can anyone give me a step by step process for it ? - How to get a number to a Firebase DB and how to pick ut up

Thanks in advance…

Let’s say your Firebase database looks like this:

→ GrandTotal

To change the value of the GrandTotal key by 1, you would do this:

To get the value of the GrandTotal key, you would use this:


Those variable blocks are at the bottom of the Variables drawer and by default show “app” variable but you can change the drop-down menu to “cloud” variable:

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