[Solved] How can I interface a value from Firebase RDB to Thunkable?

Hi there! I would like some help in interfacing with, or at least getting the value from, my Firebase RDB to Thunkable. I watched a couple of video tutorials, but they were for an older version of Thunkable; now I’d like to know how to use the new version. I can easily do this in MIT App Inventor, but is this possible in Thunkable?

All I watched was about signing up and signing in, but there’s nothing about interacting and not setting the value.

This is my block in MIT App Inventor:

And I want this Firebase database of mine:

To interface with this Thunkable app that I design:

All I have managed is entering the API and URL of my Firebase to Thunkable.
But making blocks is extremely difficult for me. I would appreciate a demo app that can do this so I can analyze it for myself. Thank you in advance for your future responses!!!

@zian.muinxij check this example

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I find that example confusing because you’re using a variable for the name of the cloud variable instead of a text string. I generally try to avoid that because it adds an extra layer of complexity.

The basic idea is to set a cloud variable with the path to the Firebase data. So if your Firebase database looks like this:


Then to set the value of the “Age” key/property, you would set cloud variable “Users/UserID/12345/Age”

Keep in mind that if your Firebase data contains arrays, you will need to use the list blocks to reference that data.

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Hi, thanks for the advice but can you show me a snippet of blocks that can interface this cloud variable to a label?

Have you tried to implement any cloud blocks?

Can you try rephrasing the question please?

We would be happy to offer support.

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So far, from what I understood, this is what I managed to make:

I was trying to use this cloud variable to store my data from Firebase but what I don’t get is how to store this cloud variable to an app variable which I can use to interface/show this is my percent label. I need to store 3 variables. You can see in my screenshot of Firebase Database, I need to interface these Tank1, Tank2, and Tank3 at the same time. And the data will also update in my screen in their respective label.

I just want to change this percent label:

to the value from my Firebase Database here:

Again thank you for responding to me :slight_smile:

This can be done with the following blocks

You can use the “set variable” block when you want to update these variables

Let me know if it worked for you.


Thank you very much @ioannis !!! You really saved me; it works!

Now, I finally understand how this cloud variable works.

@zian.muinxij That’s great! I am happy that I was helpful.

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