Accessing Firebase cloud variables in thunkable

Hi! I’m fairly new to Thunkable. I’m working on a project in which I’m calling variables from my database but I’m quite stuck on how to make it appear on my application, any help would be appreciated.
(I’ve already connected the database to Thunkable)

I’ve never used cloud variables the way you’re using them and I don’t know if that will work.

At the very least, you need to provide a key to a string. Currently, you’re providing a key to an object (DS18B20_Data). As a test, can you set a label’s value to cloud variable “DS18B20_Data/Water_Temperature” and see if you get “0”? Do this when the screen opens.

You’ll need to use this block:


But change app to cloud


Terribly sorry for the late reply, I read the documentation and watched the tutorials uploaded on YouTube. Everything seems to be working now, thank you for the help!

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You’re welcome! If you don’t mind posting a screenshot of the working blocks, it would be helpful to anyone who reads this topic later.

I also changed the database key to not have any elements/sub-elements, I tried it on the web viewer as well as on the live test on the device and it’s working as intended.


Forgot to show proof, my apologies. Here’s the before and the after

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