Expense application,how to start?

I have a project that is due this Friday, and I haven’t completed my app yet because I’m struggling to understand how to use this particular code block. It’s difficult for me to grasp. Essentially, my app needs to allow users to track their budget and expenses. Additionally, I want to include a feature called “Spend-O-Meter” that will display the total amount of expenses and budget, and inform users about how much they have spent relative to their budget.

Im not sure what im doing here ; Thunkable

Which particular code block?

It’s helpful that you included a link to your project but when there are many screens, you need to be really specific about which screen(s) you’re wanting help with.

You also need to explain what input you are providing and what output you are seeing and what the expected output should be.

You’re asking a lot so focus on one step that you need help with and someone here may be able to suggest a solution.

I recommend providing a screenshot of the specific blocks you need help with.

I apologize for the numerous inquiries, but could we begin by discussing how to create a list where users can input their description and the corresponding amount? I’m considering using a spreadsheet to store the data, but I’m unsure if it’s the best approach. I attempted to use the Data List Viewer, but it doesn’t resemble a traditional spreadsheet due to an arrow that I can’t disable. On the other hand, I noticed that the Simple List feature does not have this issue. Thus, I’m inclined to use the Simple List, but I lack knowledge in coding and would greatly appreciate guidance on how to proceed since code block is not my strong suit.

The Simple List used to be called a List Viewer. So you can search the forums or Thunkable documentation or YouTube for how to use that.

Data Viewer List layouts can be customized but if you are new to Thunkable I would not recommend doing that for this project.

Yes, store your data in a spreadsheet. Your project may not be fully functional because of a limitation of how Thunkable accesses data in spreadsheets (see Google Sheets data source doesn't update every time - #6 by matt_conroy). But at least you can make a prototype of an app to demonstrate how it could work.

I have successfully implemented a feature where users can input data that will be displayed on the list. However, I’m unsure about the process of allowing users to input the amount on the list. Can you provide guidance on how to achieve this?

Simple Lists only allow you to display one value at a time. Even though Data Viewer Lists are designed to display many different values, I recommend for time sake that you stick with a Simple List and use the Join block from the Text drawer to combine the text you want with the number you want.

Could you please provide me with a tutorial on how to use the join block?

You can Google join Thunkable and you’ll find the documentation for the Text blocks which include the Join block.

I tried searching for references, but I’m struggling to merge two variables into a single list. I couldn’t find any examples that demonstrate how to combine two strings into one list, specifically using list viewer

opinion on this?

However, when I click the add button, the screen disappears.

The problem is that you set combinedList to an empty list which turned it into a list but then you set it to the join block which turned it into a text string. So then when you tried to add a list item to combinedList, it crashed your project because a text string can’t have items added to it.

Try this:

You don’t have to replace the text inputs with variables but it seems like you were setting things up that way and I think it’s best practice to do that.

Thank you! Although it doesn’t crash, however the data won’t display on the list.

If your code is not working, you need to post a screenshot of the blocks.

Showing a screenshot of the results may be helpful but if we only have that it’s a little bit like saying “I did some math and got the incorrect answer 17. Why?”

We need to see the math.

my mistake

it works now,i remove 2 block of code

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Now that I have what I need, how can I add a space?

Click the gear of the Join block and drag in another text string block between the two variable blocks. Then type a space into that blank text string block. You can join as many values as you want using the Join block.