[Solved] How can i pass information between screens?

Hello, I’m doing a shop app, i need to click in item and that item go to a list in another screen, anyone can help me how to do it?

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If your list is an app variable then it will work in any screen. just add the item to the variable list and display the list in the other screen.

Thank you, I know with app variable it works, but can you give me more specific information or a print screen with the blocks of code?

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See this quick demo

Thank you, it worked. What I want it´s similar I just want the list on screen 2 and just a button on screen 1

Have you tried to make that? If you get stuck, post a link to your project and someone can help you.

Yeah sure, it´s all fine and going well, the other man helped me good.
It´s done and solved ty for the help


Hello again, i have a a new question, about the list, it’s possible to appear the price in front of product and at the end of page sum the price?
Here’s the print for some help to understand what I’m trying to doing, i want to appear the price in front of Hamburguer de Frango.

You would want to use a Data Viewer List (or Data Viewer Grid) for that. DVLs and DVGs allow you to sync information from multiple columns in a data source (e.g. product name and price).

Then, you can use the DVL/DVG’s “when item click” event block to determine which item was clicked and add its price to the total.

I’ll see if I can find a link to a tutorial video because this is going to take you some time to code.

Edit: here’s a link to the documentation for DVGs, showing how to get started with a DVG. Watch the video at the top to get started… it’s a good one. DVLs are very similar if you prefer that.

Once you have that set up and working, you can ask a question about adding the price using the Get Value block in the Data Sources drawer.

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I saw the video, but isn’t the ideal to what i want to do at final, is this the only way to do this?

I will try to do with a row, but i can’t find a row? It’s normal? I don’t find row in components.

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There are 2 development platform in Thunkable

  • StP (Snap to Place) which is also referred to as the old one has rows/columns
  • DnD (Drag and Drop) or the new one only has group but no rows or columns

Depending on which one you are using at the moment.

Hello again i did it well, now I´m trying to add an item from data list viewer to a list viewer.
Basically I have a data list viewer and when I click in item, it opens in another screen with all description of product and i want to click in this screen with this item and add this item to a list viewer.
Anyone can help me with that?

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Please provide more explanation with example and show what part of the code you tried already.

Hello again I did it. Thank you for the help, one more question in list viewer can I have 2 columns?

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A List Viewer can only deal with one single list but what you can do is creating a list that joins to values together like this

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I´ll show you what I need to do.
I want this 2 things in the same line.

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The List Viewer has it’s own width and any text longer than the inside width will wrap to the next line. However, what I have explained about using text join block to combine two or more fields into one still applies.

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